Bystander CPR:

Bystander CPR is a new program that runs about 30 to 45 minutes.  It is a non-certification program and is perfect for families with pools, babysitters and grandparents.  It will also work well as an in-service for the workplace. Focus is on hand-only CPR and choking.

Safety 1st Management is excited to offer this program in a “home party” atmosphere. We help you bring the American Heart Assn. “Hands Only” CPR program into your home. We act as facilitators rather than instructors, helping families and their friends learn how to take steps in the first few critical minutes until trained help arrives.  Our training tools, such as adult, child and infant manikins, help family and friends practice their skills as they learn.  What a great way to spend an evening with those closest to you. Relax end enjoy your favorite beverage and snack while you learn how to save a life!

Family and Friends CPR:
This a non-certification program targeting families, caregivers, babysitters, boy and girl scouts and anyone who cares for someone who is at risk of sudden cardiac death.  The focus is on CPR, as well as recognition of emergencies that occur in the home, such as choking, heart attacks and strokes.  This program runs about 90 minutes and is less formal than the workplace programs we offer.  This program is one that we have presented to church groups and community organizations.